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What if every teacher or faculty member had immediate access to the expertise of an instructional coach?

In a secure collaborative space where teachers and faculty can reflect, and support and share with each other? Consolidating existing professional learning activities, making directed activities and self‑learning simpler for everyone?

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A National Leader’s View

Introducing The HOW2 Web App Content and Tools

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A Senior Manager’s View

For All Levels of Experience

Nicolas Quentin Teacher, Reading, UK

Hear how access to the HOW2 app helped Nico in his first year teaching in a college.

A Few HOW2 Benefits

Eight reasons educational leaders call us

Support Everyone

Give all your full-time, adjunct and sessional educators access to the expertise of an instructional coach.


Learn across and between academic, career and vocational pathways and community networks.

Active Learning

Practical teaching techniques to engage and motivate and enhance the student learning experience.


Equal access to support helps adjuncts and sessionals be as great at teaching as their full-time colleagues.

Just in Time

Just what’s needed, when it’s needed, to make sure students can access the curriculum. No students left behind.

Shared Learning

Anyone can support everyone across the community.

Scaleable, Sustainable

A safe place to learn, and become an expert in, the craft of teaching.

Go Green

No diesel, no paper.

Look Inside HOW2

See how you can use it

Support & Integration

We work with you every step of the way

Our team’s been there, seen it and done it. You are not alone. You’ll be joining organisations, like yours, who enjoy being part of our HOW2 community.

Free Webinar

You tell us what you’d like to do better as, together, we explore the app so you can see the value HOW2 can add.

Policy & Strategy

Make your vision for professional learning a reality by integrating HOW2 into your improvement strategies and policies.

Into Practice

Robust, efficient, manageable and effective. See the impact of using HOW2 to develop teaching knowledge and skills.

Personal Support

We still have a phone number and are always there when you need us.


They are always there to support us and the implementation training was fantastic.

I have seen the impact that HOW2 has made in bringing improving Teaching and Learning to the top of the agenda for teachers and managers.

Dr. Esther Howarth Principal,

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We used HOW2s as part of a programme to introduce evidence-based teaching at DSCIS and found they complemented and enhanced the Defence Instruction Training package provided to new and existing instructors.

The tools and methods gave our instructors greater variety and confidence in their instructional approaches and enhanced the student experience.

We have seen student satisfaction ratings increase significantly and [HOW2s] have been an instrumental part in changing organisational and individual behaviours and cultures to reflect a genuine ‘trainee-first’ approach.

I am convinced they directly contributed to an increase in first-time pass rate from 82% to 98% for the CS Operator Class 3 training.

Go Green

Save time, money and a little bit of the planet


Save time (save money) setting up, delivering and chasing up. See and evidence impact.


Support all your teaching staff — full time and part time in all locations.


Coaches/mentors spend more time coaching, 40% less time preparing resources and writing up reports.

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The geographical spread of our apprenticeship delivery team within the UK means that we are faced with high travel and human resource costs if we wish to ensure quality improvement across the whole team.

Lynda Hammond Quality Manager,
CSR Group Limited
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Value for Money

I can’t imagine what we’d have to invest to get the same level of support to the same number of teachers on the same number of occasions as we do when we implement HOW2.

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