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Thank you for inviting me. COVID prevented me from attending, so I’ve put this page together in my absence. Have a great time.

On this page, you can…

  1. Find out how John and I met and download the contextual information I sent John in advance of our first meeting.
  2. Watch a short general video introducing the HOW2 web app. Please do watch it — the other stuff will make so much more sense.
  3. Watch a longer video that I’ve put together specifically for NTLS 2021 because I can’t be there in person.
  4. Download papers setting out the fields of research behind the creation of the app.
  5. Download a matrix which, in 2012, sought to marry the technology of the day to precise pedagogy. Although the matrix needs updating, the idea, I think, is still sound.
  6. Set up a 30-day preview account. Browse the app’s library. You’ll have full access to 6 of the guides in an introductory set. Please use the form on this page – other links on our main website will set you up on our UK library.
  7. Watch an onboarding video that some of our community use to introduce the app to their teachers/faculty. Idea: Maybe watch this as you explore your preview account.
  8. Contact me. I love meeting new people, even if it is over the internet.

On meeting John and David

During the first lockdown (or was it the second or third?) John LinkedIn with me and we scheduled a meeting. A bit nervous about the meeting I prepped a landing page and sent it to John in advance. You can download it below. I say more about this in the Three Thoughts about HOW2s and TPACK video below. 


Prepping to meet John

Copy of landing page information sent to Professor John Lee in advance of our first online meeting in the Summer of 2020 


An introduction to HOW2

HOW2 takes the guesswork out of Evidence-Based Teaching

Virginia Barrett, Principal, Fareham College, England 

Three thoughts about HOW2s and TPACK - thoughts for NTLS2021

A quick note on the split attention effect.

I’ve added a version of the above video below. The one below has visual cutaways to the app. 

Because my talk was mapped but not scripted, it’s nigh on impossible to marry the cutaways precisely to the script (as we did on the introductory video). The fact that the visuals do not match the auditory results in a split attention effect whereby the auditory and visual senses compete for attention. You’ll likely either watch the cutaway OR listen). So my recommendation is that you watch the video above. Or, if you watch the one below, look out for the split attention effect: — Don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

Three thoughts about HOW2s and TPACK - thoughts for NTLS2021 WITH CUTAWAYS

The evidence behind it


Built On Evidence

The provenance of the HOW2s is firmly evidence-based. But that is not enough. Such is the gap between the researcher and the teacher, that transformational design is needed to make the evidence classroom-ready.



Evidence-Informed CPD

A response to the McKinsey Report's recommendation to make CPD more precise for teaching to make the necessary improvements. And the way in which HOW2s bring that precision and clarity to evidence-based teaching.


Making the relationship between Technological Knowledge and Pedagogical Know-how explicit.

Part of the Pedagogy meets Technology Matrix created in 2012 - download PDF below

As far as the TPACK conversation is concerned, we assume that the teachers and faculty using the app are subject areas in their chosen academic, technical or vocational pathway. Therefore, in 2012 we produced a matrix that matched different forms of EdTech to specific teaching techniques. 


Digital Technology

A summary of The Sutton Trust on how digital technology must be integrated into good teaching techniques to have any real impact. In other words: the How not the What. Five main recommendations are clarified.

What Nico, a Maths teacher had to say about HOW2s in his first year in post

Set up a preview account

Use the form below to set up a preview account.

Recommended: Watch the onboarding video below the form — it’ll help you get more from your preview. 

Once you are logged in you will be able to:

  • browse the descriptors and thumbnails of the library of content
  • view the introductory set of six HOW2s in full
  • access page tours via the lifebelt on the main menu
  • check out the Skills Exchange — our community use this to support their teachers to support and share with each other. (Note — we are looking to extend the capability of the skills exchange so that organisations can choose to collaborate and share their learning with other networks)

I recommend you open a second window and watch the onboarding video below as you explore the app.

On-boarding video used by schools and colleges. Watch it as you browse the app on your preview account?

Contact me

Further thoughts on the split attention effect.