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The Education Endowment Foundation was impressed by the way HOW2s make complex evidence accessible to classroom teachers.

HOW2s are now part of the EEF’s largest-ever research study involving over 8000 schools in the UK.

It makes your practice more effective, more powerful, more rigorous. Therefore, it improves you as a teacher.

Andrew Steed Teacher and Coach, Nine Acres Primary

We use the HOW2s in the classroom to create a partnerhsip between teacher and students.

Ali Brown Headteacher, Nine Mile Ride Primary

I used, and adapted, the Learning Market HOW2 with my Year 3/4 class for literacy.

Laura Johns Teacher, Nine Acres Primary

It’s great because they’re so clear, we’ve got a shared understanding from the beginning of exactly what it is we’re trying to do.

Nicky Dolton Teacher and Leader, Nine Mile Ride Primary School

The children absolutely loved it. They enjoyed it because it’s very engaging and they get the opportunity to discuss what they’ve learned.

Matt Smith NQT, Nine Mile Ride Primary School

Adapt them to use with your class, the size, the pupils within your class, my style as a teacher and, also, the subject I’m teaching.

Mark Scurr Teacher, Nine Mile Ride Primary School

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