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Quite often as an overseas college you are left feeling isolated. Not so with the HOW2 team. They are always there to support us and the implementation training was fantastic.

I have seen the impact that HOW2 has made in bringing improving Teaching and Learning to the top of the agenda for teachers and managers.


We needed a product that would enhance and improve the quality of our learning through better teaching, across a very large and diverse organisation — and that was why we chose HOW2s.

Sally Dicketts CBE CEO Activate Learning

The HOW2s enable professional learning to take place right throughout the year, at the point in time when the teacher is ready for that learning and it is relevant to that teacher to experiment with that learning.

Anne Haig Smith Director Applied Learning Foundation at Activate Learning

I remember my first reaction when seeing them was ‘Wow! Where was this when I did my PGCE?’

Nicolas Quentin Maths Teacher, Reading College

Dr. Esther Howarth is Principal at Al-Madinah

Teaching is quite simply hard work. By giving our teachers access to such high quality materials we are not only supporting our teachers we are also demonstrating our commitment to them and the students we serve.

HOW2 is an excellent tool to address an individual teacher's development needs.... not just once in a CPD session but every day provides an opportunity to explore and practice their skills and techniques.

HOW2 can be used on varied devices

Having over 150 HOW2s at your fingertips is empowering. It gives teachers…

Everyday CPD

  • No more web searching — instant solutions in one place
  • Provides a private space for teachers to learn
  • Anytime from anywhere
  • Expertise without complex research

Immediate transfer

  • Understand in minutes
  • Easy to personalise for your class
  • Engaging strategies develop literacy
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step guides

Peer Coaching

  • No preparation required
  • Shows you what and how to coach
  • Stop diluted cascading of training
  • Personalised coaching for all


  • Constantly generate new ideas
  • Encourage T&L discussion
  • Better teaching and better outcomes
  • Support whole staff collaboration

Carole Kane

Carole Kane


+44 (0) 1277 202812

“I’ve been there. I used HOW2s to break a ‘fail’–‘fail’ sequence and achieved the accolades:

  • Good Practice from the UK’s FE external validation body.
  • Commended by the UK’s HE external validating body.
  • UK Association of Colleges Beacon Award for Innovation in Peer Coaching.

“My team make sure that you aren’t just left to get on with it. In fact, over 86% of the colleges in the UK and overseas in Saudi and New Zealand have improved their external inspectorate grade by using HOW2s.

  • On-site launch in Saudi Arabia, for leaders, managers and teachers.
  • Ongoing support via webinar (or on-site) for leaders, managers and teachers.”

Contact Carole for pricing information and to discuss her tailored support included with your Post-16 HOW2 access.

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