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It makes students feel more motivated, they become more confident and it kicks their brain into action

We can observe what’s going on and we know, for instance, that our results are improving

It’s not an off-the-shelf package that you buy once and use, it’s developing

Busy teachers like Nico enjoy having finger-tip access to over 150 Evidence-Informed teaching techniques.

Step-by-step visuals make it quick and easy for Nico to learn new ways of teaching and the Skills Exchange makes sharing with others a cinch.

HOW2s join up all your professional learning activities and a suite of tools connects SLT strategy to teachers’ practice.

I remember my first reaction when seeing them was ‘Wow! Where was this when I did my PGCE?’

Nicolas Quentin Maths Teacher, Reading College

HOW2 has enabled teachers to focus in on techniques to enable post-16 learners to really make progress in Maths where they had got stuck beforehand.

Anne Haig Smith Director, Applied Learning Foundation at Activate Learning

I didn’t find books and courses very practical — I couldn’t remember very much to be honest… I feel so much more confident now.

Edyta Jaszczyszyn Teacher and Manager, College of Haringey

The HOW2s enable professional learning to take place right throughout the year, at the point in time when the teacher is ready for that learning and it is relevant to that teacher to experiment with that learning.

Anne Haig Smith Director, Applied Learning Foundation at Activate Learning

They’re brilliant - you can visualise yourself being in the classroom.

Edyta Jaszczyszyn Teacher and Manager, College of Haringey

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In 2011 we were the very first college to subscribe to HOW2s. When Carole joined the HOW2 team in 2015 as their professional learning lead it was the icing on the cake. Carole’s webinar support has been absolutely fantastic. Great product, great people, great service.

Karen Markham Director of Teaching and Learning,
Barnsley College

The HOW2 techniques have now been integrated into the Training and Assessing teams’ CPD and PDRs, ensuring a change in behaviours and cultures to create an interactive and autonomous training environment for our learners.

Chris Franklin Apprentice Programme Course Developer and Quality Specialist,
Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd

Learning outcomes inform your teaching

Each HOW2 describes how it develops student learning skills. This helps teachers create Double Decker lessons with the focus both on subject matter and building learning power.

Explain them to students at the start of a lesson to help them own and monitor their learning.

HOW2 can be used on varied devices

Having over 150 HOW2s at your fingertips is empowering. It gives teachers…

Everyday CPD

  • No more web searching — instant solutions in one place
  • Provides a private space for teachers to learn
  • Anytime from anywhere
  • Expertise without complex research

Immediate transfer

  • Understand in minutes
  • Easy to personalise for your class
  • Engaging strategies develop literacy
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step guides

Peer Coaching

  • No preparation required
  • Shows you what and how to coach
  • Stop diluted cascading of training
  • Personalised coaching for all


  • Constantly generate new ideas
  • Encourage T&L discussion
  • Better teaching and better outcomes
  • Support whole staff collaboration

Carole Kane

Carole Kane

Contact Carole for pricing information and to discuss her tailored support included with your post-16 HOW2 access.


+44 (0) 1277 202812

Get the support you need to make your professional learning processes more efficient and effective. Carole and her team will work with you to achieve consistency of quality across learners’ experiences.

A vastly experienced post-16 education leader, Carole’s job is to ensure you have the same success with HOW2s as she did.

  • Good practice from Ofsted for further education provision.
  • Commended by QAA for higher education provision.
  • AOC Beacon Award winner for Innovation in Peer Coaching.

Our rapidly growing post-16 community includes universities, community colleges, apprenticeship training providers (including Mercedes-Benz and the MOD), sixth form colleges and adult ed providers.