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Evidence-informed teaching techniques

140+ unique, dual-coded explanations

HOW2s are step-by-step guides to teaching techniques. Unlike text or speech alone, the combination of still visuals and words means there is no need to figure out what to do.

Here are two steps extracted from a HOW2. Simple to follow, right?

Evidence-informed Teaching Techniques

Meet the HOW2s

Research shows that procedures are most effectively explained using a combination of still images and words. We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours applying this research to explain evidence-informed teaching techniques.


Look Inside

Nicolas Quentin, a teacher from Reading, UK, introduces the HOW2s and the teaching strategies they cover.

Barriers to Student Progress

Which barriers to student progress do you face?

Thousands of busy teachers are using HOW2s to overcome the barriers to progress they come across every day.


Customer Comments

We have seen student satisfaction ratings increase significantly and [HOW2s] have been an instrumental part in changing organisational and individual behaviours and cultures to reflect a genuine ‘trainee-first’ approach.

Colonel Garry Hearn OBE Defence Academy Shrivenham

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The universality of the images and the ideas they represent provides a focus for professional dialogue and for dialogue between teachers and students about what worked in the classroom.

Professor Kate Wall School of Education,
University of Strathclyde

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Cost effective and effective

Barnsley college saved over 20K using HOW2s to run their own workshops over a two-day training course for all staff.

Did you know that since 2011 colleges using HOW2s have been far more likely to move to or stay at a grade 2 or 1 than those not using HOW2s?

One spend supports all your full and part time staff and your FE and HE (QAA have commended HOW2s) staff in overcoming barriers to student progress.

There is a reason why many of our colleges have been with us for over 5 years. There is not a more effective and cost effective way to support all their staff and get to and stay at a grade 2 or 1. Simple.

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What We Do

Customer Comments


It makes students feel more motivated, they become more confident and it kicks their brain into action

Sally Dicketts CBE CEO, Activate Learning

We can observe what’s going on and we know, for instance, that our results are improving

Sally Dicketts CBE CEO, Activate Learning

It’s not an off-the-shelf package that you buy once and use, it’s developing

Sally Dicketts CBE CEO, Activate Learning

HOW2 has enabled teachers to focus in on techniques to enable post-16 learners to really make progress in Maths where they had got stuck beforehand.

Anne Haig Smith Director, Applied Learning Foundation at Activate Learning

The HOW2s enable professional learning to take place right throughout the year, at the point in time when the teacher is ready for that learning and it is relevant to that teacher to experiment with that learning.