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Is it relevant to our educators?

Here’s Sally Dicketts CBE, and CEO of Activate Learning Group, and President of the English Association of Colleges, explaining why HOW2s were relevant to her. The video is three and a half minutes long. The first one and a half minutes, in particular, are directly related to the question. 

Note: There are now far more than 2000 Educators working across the Activate Group. 


Did the video ring any bells for you?

Are your learners succeeding? Only you can answer this. What are your drop out or student satisfaction rates and results telling you? If fewer learners than you would expect based on your cohort are accessing future life, learning and work opportunities as a result of attending your classes, the answer is probably no”.

If this is the case the next question you might ask is what are the learning needs, aka barriers to progress, that are standing in the way of success and thereby access to what lies beyond their studies with me?” 

Here’s the nub of it. And you need to be honest here. Do you know precisely what these barriers to learning are? And do you have access to ways to overcome them? And we don’t mean do you know what content they are failing to understand. We are pretty sure you know this. We mean, have you identified the learning behaviour that is behind this failure? Easy to say? 

Let’s face it; there are many ways you could and probably are looking at to change things around. So why might HOW2s be relevant? 

Time for a break. Take a look at this video. Less than one minute long and, who knows, it could change how you look at professional learning forever


And here’s a questionnaire our customers use to connect their educators to their contexts. Notice the focus on learning behaviour and the links through to HOW2 teaching solutions on the app. We noticed that in England at least, a lot of teacher assessment was summative rather than formative and at best only pointed educators to what they might or need to do to improve rather than how” they can meet the identified needs. 



Identify student learning needs aka barriers to progress and link through to solutions


Recently, our community of colleges in the UK asked us to help them bridge the gap between face to face coaching and the online solutions offered by HOW2s. The coaching cards in the video below are the result. (One minute, forty-two seconds) 

You’ll see that the questions on the cards are the same as the ones on the questionnaire which are the same as the ones on the app.