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We’ve invested heavily in the use of eTextbooks. I’m responsible for rolling out and ensuring they are used. Can you help?

A big Yes we can. 

In addition to the step-by-step guides that show educators exactly how to integrate the use of eTextbooks into meaningful learning sequences, the HOW2 web-app contains a range of features to point your non-digital native colleagues, in the right direction so to speak. 

A groups feature allows you to select the academics you want to nudge.

There is no limit to the number of groups that a user can set up or belong to

A sets feature allows you to select the techniques you’d like them to try.

Users can organise HOW2s any way they want to.
It takes seconds to create a set of techniques to push to colleagues

The nudge feature itself enables you to support your non-digital natives in using your eTextbooks

The nudge feature will send automatic reminders for you. 

A "Nudge" is a polite way of telling someone to-do something