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FAQ → Using HOW2s

How do HOW2s help raise the quality of teaching?

Leaders, Teachers, Managers and Coaches all like HOW2s because they help them do their job better. For each of the above, we have listed the reasons why this is the case. 

Why Leaders like HOW2s

• Increased efficiency (saving time and money) 

• They can see what is going on across the organisation without (being big brother-ish) 

• They can set up and monitor whole – organisation support for T&L from their desktop 

• HOW2s act as a hub for and enhances all existing T&L improvement activities 

• Accurate alignment with external inspection Quality Teaching agenda

• Easy to evidence how leadership is supporting educators as part of efforts to reduce workloads

• More measurable and easier to measure impact than traditional CPD 

• Supports a personalised approach to professional learning 

• Resources immediate responses to underperformance 

• The HOW2 site makes supported accountability a reality 

• Creates an intelligent approach to performance management

• Common language and approach across all campuses

• Scalable and easy to sustain 

• Evidence-Informed

Why Teachers like HOW2s

• Convenient access anytime, anyplace, as and when needed

• Private space for reflection 

• Supportive of and married to professional standards 

• It’s all very easy to use 

• No hidden paperwork 

• Answer the almost vexing question…” How do I do that ?” 

• Avoid professional embarrassment through the private space for personal catch-up 

• Flexible learning: alone or with others; online or live

• Find solutions to overcome learning needs aka barriers to progress in seconds

• Solutions all in one place (no need to look around different platforms) 

• Easy to evidence adherence to professional standards (supporting others and professional learning across the organisation) 

• Provide a common focus for 1:2:1 discussion with coaches, peers and managers

Why Coaches and Advanced Practitioners like HOW2s

• Saves time — no preparing of materials 

• Help coaches do their job better and make them look highly professional 

• Supports the focus on improving learning through better teaching 

• Support more staff in less time 

• Extends repertoire of teaching knowledge and skills

• Easy to share ideas

Why Managers like HOW2s

• Help them do their job supporting colleagues — they look good and can prove they’ve done stuff 

• Management features enable them to track use of the materials 

• Save them time 

• Immediacy

• Provides precise feedback/solutions for teachers action plans. Transforms feedback from being declarative (suggesting WHAT needs to happen) to procedural (providing suggestions on HOW to improve)