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8 — How have educational organisations used HOW2s?

Organisations use HOW2s to improve learning through better teaching

HOW2s add precision and quality to whole-staff training, coaching, mentoring, learning walks, observations, tutor groups, twilights, intervention. 

They use them to enhance the delivery of all their qualifications, including functional skills in English & Maths. Where applicable, they use the app as part of their Initial Teacher Training and outreach programmes. 

They are used to ensure that NQTs, along with very experienced teachers, have immediate access to the know-how they need to ensure their learners succeed. 

The app is used to set up, capture, share and evidence best practice in professional learning across the organisation. 

And at the moment they have a focus on using them to support their teachers in becoming online teaching experts.

We think probably the best way to show you how organisations have used it is to look at some individual experiences in using the HOW2s.

Damian Rollinson first used HOW2s when he was a sessional lecturer

I was 20 years of age, inexperienced, lacked confidence in my teaching ability and spent hours trying to plan my lessons

It was a weekend, and I was planning my lessons for the following week, I logged into the How2 app and started to scroll through the techniques. To my surprise, I was amazed at the number of techniques and strategies available to me to use within my lessons. HOW2 was going to make planning my lessons and planning a variety of activities so much easier and quicker. WHY HADNOT LOOKED AT THIS SOONER?”

In this blog post, he describes how HOW2s increased his confidence as a teacher and gave him more time to spend with his growing family.

Paula Han is a teacher trainer at Milton Keynes College

This resource enables teachers to become more innovative in their practice, providing clear step by step guidance of how to run activities

This is the beauty of HOW2, it provides a wealth of activities at your fingertips, it is so easy to use, you search the area and up pops a variety of things for you to try

HOW2 supports me in many ways, one to role model good practice when delivering my own teacher training sessions and in my Quality role when delivering CPD, coaching and feedback for teaching observations

In this blog post, Paula reports on how she uses HOW2s to support her in training and supporting teachers to deliver their qualifications.

Becky Vallely is Quality Improvement Manager for SCL, Education through Sport

We have increased our coaching from 44% in an academic year to 100% in just one term and will complete the process again for term 2, meaning that our staff will have a dramatic increase in opportunities to develop their teaching practice

Becky Vallely 

HOW2 allows the Quality Improvement team to provide bespoke coaching, especially with the use of the HOW2 cards that enable the teacher to identify the area for development and signpost them to strategies that help develop that specific area. The questions posed on the cards prompt rich and valuable discussions and reflections


How can training providers, on a limited budget, support large numbers of teachers and trainers (spread out across the UK?) in developing their pedagogical skills? 

In this blog post, Ian Harris, CEO of HOW2s, meets Becky Vallely, Quality Improvement Manager for SCL, Education through Sport

Frances Rippin is Assistant Principal at Gateway college, Leicester, England

HOW2s offers a personalised approach to CPD that works and is reducing teacher workload

Frances Rippin

We no longer need to spend time (or money) looking for pedagogical solutions or travelling to courses — we can get support to staff in minutes


HOW2s are used as part of any professional learning activity

As a result of much improved planning and teaching, students pass their qualifications and gain better grades than might be expected given their starting point.


So how, exactly, do you… deliver high-quality education and training, develop pedagogy, evidence impact and reduce teacher workload in a way that ensures that every learner can access what is being taught? 

In this blog post Ian Harris, CEO of HOW2s, met with Frances Rippin, Assistant Principal at Gateway college.

Here are some the main points Frances makes about HOW2

• make a personalised approach to CPD a reality

• make it easier for teachers to learn, support each other, and share their learning with colleagues.

• form part of all our staff training relating to pedagogy, including action planning following observations, cross-curricular collaboration, one-on-one support, and we use them across the college to drill down to look at particular teaching strategies.

• used with new teachers to help integrate them into the college.

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

Colonel Garry Hearn led an organisation-wide initiative to introduce more modern (their words) training methods to the UK Ministry of Defence. Ian Harris our CEO led the training. The scale of the task accelerated our work developing the HOW2 web app. 

The tools and methods gave our instructors greater variety and confidence in their instructional approaches and enhanced the student experience.


Garry goes on to write

We used HOW2s as part of a programme to introduce evidence-based teaching at DSCIS and found they complemented and enhanced the Defence Instruction Training package provided to new and existing instructors.

The tools and methods gave our instructors greater variety and confidence in their instructional approaches and enhanced the student experience.

We have seen student satisfaction ratings increase significantly and [HOW2s] has been an instrumental part in changing organisational and individual behaviours and cultures to reflect a genuine trainee-first’ approach ” 

Sean Kane, Functional Skills Teacher

Sean teaches trainee Lorry Drivers. More often than not, they aren’t enamoured with the idea of having to do English and Maths. But Sean’s trainees do better than most. 

Reading 94% (national average 79%)
Level 1 writing 84% (national average 70%)
Level 1 Maths 82% (national average 55%)

Our CEO met with Sean to discuss how he gets these results. Here’s the blog post that resulted from their meeting.

Some of the HOW2s Sean uses with his trainee lorry drivers