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Free Downloads: Cognitive Science Resources

Six Strategies for Effective Learning

Posters, presentations, bookmarks and stickers for use by you and your students

Created by Learning Scientists’ Dr Yana Weinstein and Dr Megan Smith.
Illustrated by HOW2’s Oliver Caviglioli.

Please use our materials and pass them along to others for educational purposes! We ask that you attribute us when you use the materials, and that you do not use portions of the materials or remove information from the materials. The materials may not be used commercially.

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Creative Commons License
Six Strategies for Effective Learning (Cognitive Science Resources) by Yana Weinstein, Megan Smith and Oliver Caviglioli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


The cognitive science behind the HOW2s

HOW2s are descriptions of effective teaching in simple visuals.

  1. Direct attention with a better signal/noise ratio —
    by cutting out extraneous detail.
  2. Reduce cognitive load with the visual argument —
    images are processed faster than sentences.
  3. Improve communication with dual coding —
    sight and sound channels work simultaneously and separately avoiding cognitive load.
  4. Streamline viewing with the contiguity principle —
    placing text within the image, avoiding split attention and consequent cognitive load.

People learn better from graphics and words than from words alone

Richard E Mayer Graphics for Learning, Clark, R & Lyons, C 2004


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