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The Learning Scientists’ Visualizer

I was honoured when the Learning Scientists, with whom we have been collaborating, invited me to join their team as a visualiser. Let me tell you more about this remarkable band of professors.

Committed to briding the gap

Professors of cognitive psychology, Yana Weinstein, Megan Smith and Cindy Woolridge have pledged to work at bringing the research from their laboratories to teachers’ attention. For this reason, they teamed up and formed the Learning Scientists. 

My visualisations

Quite by chance, I ended up visualising some of their early work on retrieval practice (see the post here). As a bit of an aside — and an interesting challenge — I did some data visualisation of a meta study on cognitive interventions for those with Alzheimer’s. 

This was then followed by visualising the results of a questionaire, on Twitter, about how teachers get their information about how students learn.

And, in between, I did some exploratory work with Dr Yana Weinstein and a Harvard professor on his research into mind wandering.

Six strategies for effective learning

This growing number of joint projects set us up perfectly for the expanding, and now global, project on the top six strategies, from cognitive psychology, on how students best learn, culminating in posters, PowerPoint slides, book marks and stickers. All these can be accessed, for free, here

The posters have been translated into Dutch, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean, with plenty of other languages coming out soon. Here is one of the Korean posters.

And now cognitive science HOW2s

Our latest project, in which master story-teller, Ian Harris, joined us for a major collaborative venture — creating six teacher HOW2s on the Six Strategies for Effective Learning. 

They’re not quite finished yet, but at the time of writing, two are complete and ready to see in the HOW2 library. If you’re not a HOW2 subscriber and would like to access these powerful HOW2s, then sign up at (here). 

Here’s the opening slide of the retrieval practice PowerPoint document. 



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