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Team of Teams

How organisations are structured directly influences how its workers learn and develop. Flatter, networked teams collaborate and produce more than those in hierarchical structures. Discover what an MIT professor found out.

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Do you remember sociograms? Well, I guess only if you taught as far back as the 1970s when they were quite popular. According to expert Roger Banerjee, they help teachers understand more about their class’s peer relationships.

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The HOW2 Skills Exchange

Wrap your learning culture around the HOW2 Skills Exchange, and you’ll see your teachers’ self-sufficiency and professionalism grow. While research studies give teachers a general direction, it’s their own colleagues who provide the practical know-how from which to learn.

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What was it you learned in nursery class that laid the foundations for a superior memory and deep understanding? Chunking, although that’s not what your teacher called it.

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Edyta’s Collaborative CVs

When Edyta teaches her Job Centre Plus students on their Employability course, she knows there should be no formality that might remind them of their school days. So, how could she get them to develop their CVs? And do it collaboratively?

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Learning Culture

We all know that the best teachers are also keen learners. So it’s natural for head teachers to want to develop a learning culture among their staff. Ali Brown of Nine Mile Ride primary is thrilled to see it growing so rapidly in her school around the HOW2s.