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Montel’s Breakthrough

Montel, a Year 6 pupil, was having real problems with his writing. Despite intense support, Montel didn’t seem to be able to generate a sufficient number of ideas for a piece of sustained writing. Here’s the process that transformed Montel into a writer — in only one lesson.

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Letter Writing with Laura

With a first-class degree in graphic design, primary teacher Laura Johns was putting her creative mind to work. What was the best way to teach her pupils letter writing, she pondered. How could she make it engaging and with a fair degree of collaborative learning too?

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Pinker on Drafting

We can all agree that many students find drafting torturous. So how can you persuade them that it really is a necessary step in writing? Steven Pinker has written numerous books on psychology and language and knows a thing or two about drafting. Here’s what he has to say on the topic.

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