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Published in Literacy and Using HOW2s

Montel’s Breakthrough

Montel, a Year 6 pupil, was having real problems with his writing. Despite intense support, Montel didn’t seem to be able to generate a sufficient number of ideas for a piece of sustained writing. Here’s the process that transformed Montel into a writer — in only one lesson.

Montel’s writing base line

This was typical of Montel’s writing before the HOW2 intervention. 

Collect ideas

A learning support tutor worked with Montel but these were all the ideas he could muster, listed in radial fashion. 

Chunk ideas

Once his ideas were put in front of him, Montel not only started to organise them into groups, he also produced more ideas. 

Connect ideas

The basic grouping of ideas was discussed. From this, the structure of the map developed. And all the further sub-groups. 

Writing’s easy when you do the thinking first!”



Here is what Montel wrote after discussing the ideas organised in his map. 

Model Mapping HOW2

Did you know there is a ten-stage model mapping course you can use with your pupils? Or, indeed, use it to teach your colleagues. It’s a no-nonsense step-by-step guide that will teach you to be thorough in your mapping. Find it in the Teaching Strategies collection in the Library. And maybe tell us about your transformations. 

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Learning Culture

We all know that the best teachers are also keen learners. So it’s natural for head teachers to want to develop a learning culture among their staff. Ali Brown of Nine Mile Ride primary is thrilled to see it growing so rapidly in her school around the HOW2s.

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Letter Writing with Laura

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