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Published in Professional Learning

InclusionMeet Presentation

I’ve discovered a truly inspiring group of teachers who work together creating InclusionMeets. This summer, I was honoured to make a TeachMeet mini-presentation, at Lambeth academy.

The video

Here’s a video of my presentation. 

Visual reminders

I created a couple of mini-posters of the points I covered.

And, as is my habit, I produced some sketch notes of the other presentations. With each being around 6 minutes long, it’s not hard to imagine the difficulty this presented. On this occasion I returned to them the following day, as a request from the organisers, to create a visual montage of the event. 


The Cognitive Science behind the HOW2s

While the techniques the HOW2s depict have sound research behind them, the science behind the HOW2s visuals themselves are often overlooked. Here’s a peek at the evidence

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