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Henley College: Matt Place

Sport and Science lecturer, Matt Place, confidently adapts HOW2s to suit the needs of his students and the challenges he places on them.

I tend to use Cooperative Learning HOW2s at the end of a topic as revision strategies.

Jigsaw for revision

Matt uses the Jigsaw HOW2 for his revision sessions. That’s a wise choice. Recent discoveries of the debilitating effect of cognitive overload means that learning new material with a complex classroom organisation can be less than efficient. But when the material has been absorbed, then using Jigsaw as a revision activity is perfect.

Indeed, one of the major ways of strengthening content into long-term memory is something psychologists call elaboration. Everybody else calls it talking, or explaining. And that is exactly what happens when students share their learning with one another, responding to requests for clarification, examples, counter examples and evidence. Perfect for revision.

At the same time, the teacher can calmly walk around the room listening in to his students, gauging their level of understanding and retention. Matt further supports his students in this activity by providing pro formas with key words and other category prompts to scaffold students’ learning.


Henley College: Gary Elliott

Catering and hospitality lecturer, Gary Elliott, uses HOW2s with colleagues to remind them of basics they may have forgotten — behaviour management, routines, class layout.

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