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Henley College: Kathryn Sidaway

ESOL lecturer, Kathryn Sideway, incorporates HOW2s in very many of her daily lessons.

HOW2s fit perfectly with language learning and puts names to things we do, as well as extending them.

A visual approach to language learning

Manipulatives — otherwise known as card sorting — have become an integral and popular part of the ESOL language learning strategy at Henley college. The sorting of cards provide students with practical and engaging access to learning. Their transitory movement and placement into different arrangements allows students to play with their growing understanding of English.

And, of course, the cards’ visual display also gives the teacher immediate insight into the students’ understanding. It’s a little like looking into their minds.

As I wander around the classroom I can see the mistakes my students make, informing me what to teach next.

Graphic Organisers, similarly, provide a lexical approach to language learning, where words and their meaning become the primary focus, as contrasted to the rather more complex issue of syntax and grammar. 

Kathryn was keen to emphasise to me the role of this combination of manipulatives and graphic organisers has in the ESOL methodology.


Henley College: Matt Place

Sport and Science lecturer, Matt Place, confidently adapts HOW2s to suit the needs of his students and the challenges he places on them.

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