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Henley College: Karen Seward

Teacher trainer, Karen Seward, gave a presentation about the HOW2s to the college’s board of governors in order to let them know how their investment was yielding dividends.

I defy anybody not to find a HOW2 useful for their lesson.

Informing and enrolling governors

As a teacher trainer (DET and CET), and HOW2 evangelist, Karen Seward thought it important to inform the governors about this innovative college investment. She ran through the various ways in which the HOW2 had infiltrated everyday college systems in a supportive and non-disruptive ways.

This is an important point to emphasise. HOW2s are not a programme. They don’t require specialist induction or prolonged training, and nor do they represent a particular style of management. There’s no handbook, set of rules to follow, graded techniques to work through or accreditation.

It’s better to think of the HOW2s simply as a resource; and definitely not as a programme. In this way, colleges like Henley, and HOW2 champions like Karen can quietly augment and enrich their already existing systems. Definitely not disruptive.

Supporting observation feedback

The one thing that has frustrated, even enraged, teachers this past decade has been the distribution of feedback and targets from lesson observations with no practical support to achieve them. As the old saying goes — it’s not about setting targets (the easy bit) but about getting the targets (the hard part).

So, at Henley, where there are both evaluative and developmental lesson observations, HOW2s provide clear, practical support to all teachers for both types of observation. 

Within the Henley School Improvement Review Week, everybody receives a grade and, alongside, a range of HOW2s selected for their relevance. The range of HOW2s offers teachers a choice, and this teacher ownership has a great impact in forging a real sense of professional agency. A necessary condition for the modern teacher.

For a thorough, and visual, account of classroom observations with HOW2s click here.

Trainers, assessors and internal verifiers

Karen also works with trainers, assessors and internal verifiers. Recently, she opened their eyes to the possibility of their issuing not only targets but the means with which to reach them. Yes, the HOW2s as practical solutions to the challenges posed by stretch targets! 

This type of breakthrough thinking expands the very notion of their roles, and for this Karen deserves acknowledgment for her vision. She is, indeed, a wonderful HOW2 evangelist.


Henley College: Lee Barrett

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Henley College: Lynda Hammond

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