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Henley College: Joanne Anderson and Liz Nice

Lecturers in Children and Education, Joanne Anderson and her colleague Liz Nice have invented some new ways to employ mini-whiteboard HOW2s.

We love mini-whiteboard quiz HOW2s and have used them in conjunction with multiple choice questions.


Both Joanne and Liz explained enthusiastically how they used mini-whiteboards in their classes. There are three HOW2s on mini-whiteboards, and Joanne and Liz use them all, as well as adapting and inventing new ways to employ them — exactly as we had intended. 

One of their favoured extensions is through the use of multiple choice questioning (MCQ), an approach that, at one time, was much maligned but is again gaining in popularity through the writings of Dylan Wiliam and Daisy Christodoulou. 

Assessment for Learning

Another regular HOW2 used by Joanne and Liz is Tickets Please! where students have to hand in their exit pass, answering key questions from the lesson before they can leave the room. This HOW2 is as often used in pairs as it is with individuals.


InclusionMeet Presentation

I’ve discovered a truly inspiring group of teachers who work together creating InclusionMeets. This summer, I was honoured to make a TeachMeet mini-presentation, at Lambeth academy.

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