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Published in Profiles and Professional Learning

Henley College: Gary Elliott

Catering and hospitality lecturer, Gary Elliott, uses HOW2s with colleagues to remind them of basics they may have forgotten — behaviour management, routines, class layout.

We found Working The Room, Practice The Behaviours You Want, and Entry and Exit Strategies enormously powerful.

Practice the behaviours you want

The title of this HOW2 says it all. If you want certain behaviours in your classroom, then don’t expect them to happen jus because you ask for it. Like any habit, it takes practice and repetition.

We’re used to the idea of practising a physical skill in sports, or a procedure in an academic subject, yet seem to find it odd to do the very same thing with classroom behaviour. But by being very clear about your expectations and giving students a chance to embed the habit, you are sending out strong messages about your standards.


Henley College: Matt Place

Sport and Science lecturer, Matt Place, confidently adapts HOW2s to suit the needs of his students and the challenges he places on them.

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