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Published in Profiles and Professional Learning

Henley College: Andrew Crompton

Lecturer in Front-of-House roles, Andrew Crompton, uses HOW2s to help experienced staff mentor new teachers.

We hire new teachers fresh from industry because their experience is invaluable. HOW2s help us get their teaching up to a similar standard.


Andrew pairs up teachers; an experienced mentor with a new teacher. Often, this new teacher arrives from industry with valuable up-to-the-minute knowledge of its practices.

However, the challenge of being a dual professional means there needs to be rapid learning of teaching basics. It’s for this reason Andrew creates such pairings, each with a solid link to the HOW2s.With no time to waste, such newcomers to teaching need easy and convenient access to such basics as behaviour management, routines and room layout.

The HOW2 Working The Room, partly shown below, is a good example of the clarity of information of what exactly to do. Such HOW2s on the basics help create the speed necessary to fashion dual professionals.

Similarly, such basic pointers to body language can be readily depicted visually, as the example below shows.


Henley College: Gary Elliott

Catering and hospitality lecturer, Gary Elliott, uses HOW2s with colleagues to remind them of basics they may have forgotten — behaviour management, routines, class layout.

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Henley College: Lee Barrett

Health and Social Care lecturer, Lee Barrett, thinks HOW2s trump training days as their simple explanations are always at hand, available when convenient.

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