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Articles on Visuals

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Six Ways Visuals Help Learning

Now that we know from research how learning occurs, we can identify the specific ways in which visuals support six psychological processes.

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The Cognitive Science behind the HOW2s

While the techniques the HOW2s depict have sound research behind them, the science behind the HOW2s visuals themselves are often overlooked. Here’s a peek at the evidence

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Data Visualisation

I worked again with Dr Yana Weinstein, this time on some data visualisation of research on cognitive strategies for patients, some with and some without dementia.

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This is a record of my live notes of Daisy Christodoulou’s talk on creativity (at Michaela school’s day of Educational Debate), and its reworking a few days later. The reworking shows the added links and structure needed to move it from episodic bullet points to a more meaningful account.