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Articles on Learning Matters

Published in Literacy and Learning Matters

Thinking for Writing

Few would disagree that thinking is an important part of writing success. But if you can’t see thinking — because it’s invisible — how can you teach it? Graphic organisers would seem to hold the key. They externalise thinking processes, making them visible.

Published in Visuals and Learning Matters

The Noun Project

With over 100,00 icons available for free, the Noun Project is a teacher’s best friend. No mere tatty clip art, these well-designed icons are a perfect resource for non-designers. Enter the world of the visually sophisticated and cool.

Published in Literacy and Learning Matters

da Vinci’s Creativity Code

No, not that code. Instead, the code to his seemingly unlimited creativity. We’ve learned from a business innovator’s use of this strategy, and adapted it as a creative writing HOW2 for your students.

Published in Learning Matters and Professional Learning

Cognitive Load

We all soon become overwhelmed by too much information. Our working memory is our weakest cognitive link. Knowing how this happens and how to avoid it gives teachers more control over the impact of their work.

Published in Learning Matters


What was it you learned in nursery class that laid the foundations for a superior memory and deep understanding? Chunking, although that’s not what your teacher called it.