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Jill’s maps for writing

We can all agree that better planning makes for better writing. Getting ideas organised first frees up the mind to concentrate on the writing. Meet Jill who found that model mapping helped her pupils become better writers.

Published in Profiles and Using HOW2s

Nicky’s Partnership Teaching

What if the very materials teachers use to learn new methods could also be used directly with pupils, collaborating together on planning the learning? Well, that’s what Nicky Dolton discovered was possible by planning her use of the HOW2s in partnership with her pupils.

Published in Profiles, Literacy and Using HOW2s

Creative Writing with Sean

He’d thrown all the usual stimulus experiences at his pupils to boost their creative writing juices. But, as good as their work was on SPAG and VCOP, they weren’t getting any better at generating creative ideas for their writing. What could Sean Austin do now that would make a difference?

Published in Profiles and Using HOW2s

Got It with Hayley

We’ve all found having to repeat class instructions disruptive. It seems there’s always a few pupils who raise their hands requesting a repeat explanation of what to do. NQT, Hayley Shaw had already encountered this problem and was determined to deal with it early on in her career.

Published in Profiles and Using HOW2s

Edyta’s Collaborative CVs

When Edyta teaches her Job Centre Plus students on their Employability course, she knows there should be no formality that might remind them of their school days. So, how could she get them to develop their CVs? And do it collaboratively?

Published in Profiles and Using HOW2s

Letter Writing with Laura

With a first-class degree in graphic design, primary teacher Laura Johns was putting her creative mind to work. What was the best way to teach her pupils letter writing, she pondered. How could she make it engaging and with a fair degree of collaborative learning too?