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Published in Professional Learning

Performance management with HOW2s

Headteacher Ali Brown, has been using the HOW2s for a number of years. Here is just one of the ways she has embedded them into their regular processes.

Ali Brown, headteacher

At the first lesson observation of the term, Ali and a member of her SLT note what worked well and the focus for improvement.

Ali and her SLT colleague review their lesson notes and agree a suitable target for improvement.

At the same time, the teacher reflects on the observed lesson and his teaching in general, using a form to capture his thoughts.

Ali and her SLT colleague meet with the teacher to share their feedback and target. The teacher selects a HOW2 to address the development challenge.

The teacher studies the HOW2 and thinks about any necessary adaptations to suit his class context. He makes appropriate plans.

The teacher executes his plans for the HOW2 over an extended period of time, making any necessary further adaptations.

Having practised the HOW2 to a level of fluency, the teacher is again observed by Ali and the same SLT colleague.

This termly cycle is repeated over the next two terms, informing and culminating in the annual performance management appraisal meeting.

Here is the self-same napkin sketch, captured on to sticky notes, that Ali and I drew in capturing her performance management process.


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